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Conductor Integrity - Framing

SETS were commissioned to address integrity issues with a number of conductors at El-12 m installed on an elderly northern North Sea platform. ROV inspection had drawn attention to instances of conductor damage within the El-12 m guides. The damage consisted of fretting, cracking, holes and conductor severance.

Conductor Integrity - Framing

Key Challenges

New technology applied by new techniques.
Limited access to defect locations.
Interface management between stakeholders and multiple sub-contractors.

Our Approach

Step 1

SETS project team evaluated the project with the client.

Step 2

SETS convened a risk assessment which indicated the importance of the conductors to the asset, to near future operations and the linkage between well value and repair options. A wider remit was proposed. The asset economics demanded a low cost solution. Consequently ROV and diver deployed solutions were not pursued. Outline budgets, schedule and methodologies were proposed. The scope could not be defined precisely at this time.

Step 3

SETS executed several scopes simultaneously. Inspections were undertaken to identify casing, conductor and connector integrity across all conductors. Repair types were identified based on damage found, solutions engineered and manufactured. Tooling to install the repairs was designed and fabricated. Site integration testing was undertaken to ensure operation prior to deployment offshore.

Step 4

SETS actively managed the processes described above to commence offshore operations prior to winter. SETS supervised offshore operations to ensure repair installation whilst ensuring client management were fully aware of progress and involved in decision making.

Step 5

SETS closed the 2016 programme out by completing the scope on time and within budget. Lessons were learnt and shall be applied to 2017 operations and repair design.