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Conductor Integrity - SIT Management

SETS were commissioned to address integrity issues with a number of conductors at El-12 m installed on platform in the northern North Sea. ROV inspection had drawn attention to instances of conductor damage within the El-12 m guides.

The damage consisted of fretting, cracking, holes and conductor severance. To address the damage, SETS developed bespoke clamps and remote tooling. Each of these components required an integration test to ensure compatibility and functionality.

Conductor Integrity - SIT Management

Key Challenges

Compressed schedule.
Interface management between numerous vendors.
Bespoke installation techniques and tooling and being trialled for the first time.

Our Approach

Step 1

SETS project team evaluated Site Integration Trial (SIT) options, logistics and cost estimates against the overall project schedule.

Step 2

The scope of the SIT was developed to ensure all operational parameters were covered, as well as providing installation personnel with sufficient experience and training prior to offshore execution.

Step 3

SETS actively managed the execution of the SIT. Various vendors were managed to work to the pre=prepared procedures and complete the scope safely within a tight time frame.

Step 4

SETS ensured that the installation methods were evaluated and procedures revised to include any lessons learned. Modifications were carried out to any equipment where necessary and changes made to improve safety and operational efficiencies.

Step 5

SETS closed the SIT campaign by managing two very successful site integration trials whilst simultaneously performing training of key personnel prior to going offshore. As a result of the SIT the offshore execution phase was carried out within time and budget without incident.