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Conductor Integrity - Tooling Development

SETS were commissioned to address integrity issues with a number of conductors at El-12 m installed on an elderly northern North Sea platform. ROV inspection had drawn attention to instances of conductor damage within the El-12 m guides. The damage consisted of fretting, cracking, holes and conductor severance.

Conductor Integrity - Tooling Development

Key Challenges

Limited defect details.
Interfaces between individual tools, repairs and asset.
Interface management between multiple sub-vendors.
Managing converging delivery schedules.
Fast track delivery.

Our Approach

Step 1

SETS project team evaluated repair options, cost estimates against well economics.

Step 2

Asset economics demanded a low cost solution. Consequently ROV and diver deployed solutions were ruled out. Solution was to pursue ‘Rope Access Deployed Remote Subsea Tooling’.

Step 3

The required tooling was identified and concepts developed. Vendors were identified across O&G industry sectors and beyond. SETS competitively tendered detailed design and fabrication. Installation vendor was engaged and consulted throughout design and built for operational input.

Step 4

SETS actively managed the design and fabrication processes to meet tight mobilisation dates. SETS managed two very successful site integration trials and personnel training prior to deployment offshore.

Step 5

SETS closed the tooling design and build programme out by completing the scope on time and within budget. Lessons were learnt and were applied to operational work packs.