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Jacket Brace Repair - Tooling Development

SETS were commissioned to address a crack like indication on a structural Jacket member on a platform in the northern North Sea.

Previous ROV inspections had highlighted a crack like defect on a jacket brace at -43m. The crack posed a risk of propagating resulting in complete brace severance. The brace had also become partially flooded restricting future structural inspections.

Jacket Brace Repair - Tooling Development

Key Challenges

Fast track delivery.
Interface management between analysis, tooling and installation vendors.
Utilising existing technologies for bespoke solutions.

Our Approach

Step 1

SETS project team evaluated the suitability of existing and bespoke repair tooling and techniques.

Step 2

Analysis determined that the crack would need to be cut out in the shape of an ellipse to maximise the cut out fatigue life. A bespoke tool would be required that could be safely and efficiently deployed by divers and could be designed, built and tested within a short time frame.

Step 3

By using the structural analysis to drive the development of the tooling, SETS managed Numerous interfaces to ensure the final concept satisfied all criteria. SETS competitively tendered the detailed design and fabrication. Installation vendor was engaged and consulted throughout design and built for operational input.

Step 4

SETS actively managed the design and fabrication processes to meet tight mobilisation dates. SETS managed two very successful site integration trials and personnel training prior to deployment offshore.

Step 5

SETS closed the tooling design and build programme out by completing the scope on time and within budget. Lessons were learnt and were applied to operational work packs.