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Jacket Member Repair

SETS were commissioned to address a flooded member on an elderly northern North Sea platform with a track record of flooded members.

ROV FMD inspection had drawn attention to flooding of a previously flooded and de-watered member.

Jacket Member Repair

Key Challenges

New technology.
Limited access to defect locations.
Interface management between stakeholders and multiple sub-contractors.

Our Approach

Step 1

SETS assembled a project team and evaluated the project with the client.

Step 2

SETS convened a risk assessment to identify and quantify risks to the asset and compiled a decision flow chart to enable mitigations to be engineered and written into procedures to minimise vessel stand-by time. Outline budgets, schedule and methodologies were proposed. Vessel selection was paramount to the success of this project; selection criteria were compiled and were a major factor in vendor selection.

Step 3

SETS executed several scopes simultaneously. Concept repair clamps were proposed based on possible damage, fabrication and installation timeframes. The chosen solution was engineered and manufactured. Tooling to cut secondary steel work to allow inspection and repair installation was designed and fabricated. Site testing was undertaken to ensure tooling fit and cut acceptability prior to deployment offshore.

Step 4

SETS actively managed the processes described above to commence offshore operations within the summer weather window. SETS supervised offshore operations to ensure efficient repair installation whilst keeping client management were fully aware of progress and involved in decision making. Operations completed confirmation inspection and installed a repair clamp.

Step 5

SETS closed the project out by completing the scope on time and within budget. A Lessons Learnt meeting was held with vendors.