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Commercial and Operational De-Risking

Within SETS consultancy we take the lessons, experience and expertise built on our teams extensive knowledge gained after decades in the energy industry and help our clients to apply those strategies to their own organisations.

Our “early engagement, disruptive thinking” approach uses proven processes and combines an understanding of commercial and operational de-risking. We aim to minimise risk and maximise value, to ensure our clients meet the engineering and cost challenges of the 21st century.

Project Assessment and Framing 

SETS shall engage the project from first principals and frame the project with careful consideration to asset economics, technical capabilities and the current industry challenges.

Life of Field

SETS approach Life of field from COP back to project time to ensure that decisions made are based on late life production do not adversely affect decommissioning decisions.

Problem Solving

SETS prides itself in its engineering team and the quality and depth of its talent. It is made up of some of the industry’s best engineers, the know-how, expertise and experience from decades of success operating in challenging environments.

Whatever the issue SETS are confident that we can provide efficient solutions to solve and overcome any of our clients problems or challenges.